Shilda Winery, Kirke, Saperavi Nafareuli, Georgia

Shilda Winery, Kirke, Saperavi Nafareuli, Georgia

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High ABV 11.5+ , Vegan , Vegetarian ,
13.5% Vol

Black Skinned Fruits, Spicy, Structured 

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"SHILDA Winery was founded in 2014, but the story began yet many years ago. The great love and respect for wine - this divine drink, encouraged the company founders to expand their family winery and to bring winemaking tradition to a new level passing this living heritage from generation to generation. Our winery is located in the principal region of the viniculture of Georgia – Kakheti, village Shilda. Located on 6 ha, SHILDA Winery is equipped with modern Italian and French facilities.

SHILDA is a multiband winery, that adopts a unique method of vineyard selection and management. Different techniques used for harvest and winemaking allow us to create a wide range of wines for conceptually different trademarks.

Beautiful village Shilda with its rich history is situated in the principal region of the viniculture of Georgia - Kakheti. Shilda lies at the foot of the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountain range. This unique place is within one of the most prominent areas - the Kindzmarauli zone. The special climate and diversity of the mineral-rich soil create unique natural conditions for grape growing."

Saperavi is a standout member of the "teinturier" grape category, characterized by its uniquely red flesh and juice. This distinctive trait is vividly reflected in the wines produced from Saperavi grapes. These wines are renowned for their intense and complex aromatic profile, bursting with scents of red and black-skinned fruits, often complemented by intriguing spicy notes.

On the palate, Saperavi wines deliver a rich and luxurious experience. They are known for their excellent concentration, showcasing deep, layered flavours. The texture is typically robust, with firm tannins that provide a solid structure. Balanced acidity ensures these wines are not overly heavy, making for a well-rounded and satisfying tasting experience. Whether enjoyed young or aged, Saperavi wines consistently offer a unique and memorable journey for the senses.

It was fantastic to try a wine from an unknown country for me

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